fork knife or spoon?

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Unlike a knife with its sharp blade or a fork with its pointy tines, a spoon probably has the least capacity of the three to harm others. A spoon works perfectly for soft ice cream or soothing soup ... I function well when life is smooth and easy. A spoon is all but useless for cutting a tough piece of meat ... I am rendered immobile when times are difficult and stressful.

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Long spoon for tall drinks

Long spoon for talk drinks

Like at Tine's in Berlin

Practical and smooth

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I'm a dinner fork

I'm a dinner fork. For me, until my last breath, life is simple a streaming buffet table of experiences and sensations and emotions and adventures and knowledge. I eclectically endeavor to try and dabble and tast and listen and see and feel and...LIVE. I'm a fork piling my plate to overflow with every single unique sentient hors d'oeurve that ensures a life fully engaged and enriched.

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fondue fork

I want to be a fondue fork...long, tall and elegant.

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