fork knife or spoon?

I aspire to be a serving spoon. A serving spoon can be used to serve, as its name would suggest, but it can also be used for other purposes if needed. In other words, while it does have a special purpose, it is adaptable to many other needs. It has the potential to be the most well rounded (pardon the pun) of all the utensils. If I were stranded on a desert island and I could have only one utensil, I would want a serving spoon. Its bowl is large so it can hold lots of water or food, but it doesn't have to. If food is tenderized enough, by cooking over a fire perhaps, even a spoon can cut through it. A spoon doesn't have any sharp edges or points, so it less likely to do harm than the other utensils. To serve in as many ways as I can and to approach the world with gentle curves rather than sharp edges or points - that's my goal. I fear that sometimes I am more like a steak knife in that I have limited usefulness - terrible at spreading butter and jam on toast, but great at cutting through a piece of beef.

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