fork knife or spoon?

I work well under pressure, so I'm a butter knife...

Throughout my father's childhood, his mother often issued the following command: "Bring me a dish towel and a butter knife." No matter what the problem, she could solve it with these two seemingly benign items. A broken toy? A broken finger? Something stuck where it didn't belong? Any of these problems proved no match for a dish towel and a butter knife.

The butter knife has many useful qualities. At first glance, it's long, lean and functional. But take a closer look and you'll appreciate its gentle, elegant curves. It's easy to hold and maneuver. It can cut without being sharp. It can pinch hit for a screwdriver, a hammer or a lever. It fits in on any place setting at occasions from fancy black tie dinners to picnics to birthday parties.

It's true, you might not always use your butter knife. But don't you feel better just having one around?

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