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I am spoon.

I am spoon.
Once a simple teaspoon; sampling all that came my way.
Now, a serving spoon; providing for others, managing small tastes of the remains.
In the future, a graceful, silver demitasse; savoring only the finest.

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An iced-tea spoon

Today we open a packet of something, pour into into our (probably chemically-induced) tea, and stir it with a plastic straw. My grandmother had set of sterling iced-tea spoons with straws in the long handle. One used the spoon to measure sugar from an elegant bowl and sipped. After use, the spoons were carefully, washed, dried and stored. I am that iced-tea spoon. Reminiscent of a lost era. High maintenance.

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I am...

After a long while of thinking, I've figured it out. I am the Wood Ice Cream Spoon. Simple, but graceful. And in the end, though there may be some struggling in the beginning, if you just work with me, it all ends in sweetness.

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The Gravy Ladle

My grandfather and I always had to sit next to one another at family holidays so the others didn't have to constantly pass the gravy between us. So for that sentimental reason I love that utensil. I connect to the ladle because it brings warmth and comfort to my soul. It is big enough to scoop up all the good stuff life has to offer, and while it sometimes brings in some unwanted bad stuff, it's edges can be used to cut those nasty critters out. The Gravy Ladle represents my versatility and an… Continue

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I am an escargot clamp,

Awkward, ugly and useful only in specific situations.

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I am definitely a “Spork!”

I am definitely a “Spork!” Not very elegant, but highly useful….

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I am just a simple spoon...

I am just a simple spoon made of driftwood; carved over the continents and emotional spills.

I am the size of a soup spoon but have yet to taste the fullness of soup’s awakening

I scoop up grains stirred with the intensity of savored secrets – yesterdays grits, cornmeal of the cradled fire, oats from the tired fields, buckwheat of pre-organic offerings.

I fill your mouth with warm promises, yet I care not about the heat or texture that I ladle.

My… Continue

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I am sleek and silver...

I am sleek and silver, worn from years of service but beautifully polished. I am a dessert fork. My tines gently curve from sharp, delicate tips into my narrow neck and perfectly balanced handle. My genteel teeth slide into sweet after-the-meal pleasures.

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I am chopsticks.

I am chopsticks.
Awkward and adventurous.
A balancing act between etiquette and chaos.

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I will handle the preparations, but someone else will serve...

I am a wooden spoon - unassuming and utilitarian at first glance, but firm and unyielding. I am a bit worn around the edges from use and experience, and a bit self-conscious when in the drawer surrounded by newer, shinier utensils. But in my element I bend all the other ingredients to my will - I push, stir, shove, smash, slap, and yet for all the force I leave no permanent marks on the pan. I plunge myself deep into new recipes, filling my bowl with tastes, smells, experiences. When calm and… Continue

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I work well under pressure, so I'm a butter knife...

Throughout my father's childhood, his mother often issued the following command: "Bring me a dish towel and a butter knife." No matter what the problem, she could solve it with these two seemingly benign items. A broken toy? A broken finger? Something stuck where it didn't belong? Any of these problems proved no match for a dish towel and a butter knife.

The butter knife has many useful qualities. At first glance, it's long, lean and functional. But take a closer look and you'll… Continue

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large soup spoon fashioned from sterling silver

I am a DEEP and large soup spoon fashioned from sterling silver with a simple yet distinctive design… I balance well when laid on an index finger despite my ladle=like front… I ‘handle’ well (pun intended) and can hold a fine cheek-full of liquid… these days preferably a fine consommé or smooth fruit blend... I am quite shapely and sturdy for my age which is between ‘robust’ and ‘roguish’… still have the glow of youth with a touch of aged-wisdom… like a fine wine… guess that is why I prefer a… Continue

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Cheese Slicer

Definitely a cheese slicer, slicing off experiences in life and enjoying the richness of the experience.

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Wood Ice Cream Spoon

The flat spoon makes it harder to carry things. You have to be careful, pay attention. Feels like my life. Plus you can carve one out of stuff you find, so it's potentially always available. I also like the simple symmetry.

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Butter knife in the morning - chop sticks during day

I’m sort of like a butter knife on the breakfast table.
Get everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door! Have a nice day!

But definitely a pair of chop sticks.
It looks so simple and can’t do much if it’s one stick,
but when united with a partner, it does the job so much
better than any other utensil. That’s me and my hubby.

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definitely a spork

I'm not seeing spork on this list . . . and I'm definitely a spork.

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food pusher in spirit

I am definitely a food pusher in spirit.
If I could push food around my plate
and eat with my fingers all the time
and still be socially acceptable in
polite society, I would.

Food should be enjoyed by all FIVE senses.

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a spoon...

It's my favorite position!

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For sure spoon!!!!

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I want to be a pair of chopsticks

I want to be a pair of chopsticks: elegantly minimalist but surprisingly
versatile, and a category all to myself. Plus, no sharp points or rough

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