fork knife or spoon?

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large soup spoon fashioned from sterling silver

I am a DEEP and large soup spoon fashioned from sterling silver with a simple yet distinctive design… I balance well when laid on an index finger despite my ladle=like front… I ‘handle’ well (pun intended) and can hold a fine cheek-full of liquid… these days preferably a fine consommé or smooth fruit blend... I am quite shapely and sturdy for my age which is between ‘robust’ and ‘roguish’… still have the glow of youth with a touch of aged-wisdom… like a fine wine… guess that is why I prefer a… Continue

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Cheese Slicer

Definitely a cheese slicer, slicing off experiences in life and enjoying the richness of the experience.

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Wood Ice Cream Spoon

The flat spoon makes it harder to carry things. You have to be careful, pay attention. Feels like my life. Plus you can carve one out of stuff you find, so it's potentially always available. I also like the simple symmetry.

Added by Audrey Goldstein on October 24, 2008 at 10:18am — No Comments

Butter knife in the morning - chop sticks during day

I’m sort of like a butter knife on the breakfast table.
Get everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door! Have a nice day!

But definitely a pair of chop sticks.
It looks so simple and can’t do much if it’s one stick,
but when united with a partner, it does the job so much
better than any other utensil. That’s me and my hubby.

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definitely a spork

I'm not seeing spork on this list . . . and I'm definitely a spork.

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food pusher in spirit

I am definitely a food pusher in spirit.
If I could push food around my plate
and eat with my fingers all the time
and still be socially acceptable in
polite society, I would.

Food should be enjoyed by all FIVE senses.

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a spoon...

It's my favorite position!

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For sure spoon!!!!

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I want to be a pair of chopsticks

I want to be a pair of chopsticks: elegantly minimalist but surprisingly
versatile, and a category all to myself. Plus, no sharp points or rough

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I am a fruit spoon...

I am a Fruit Spoon....
you don't typically see me on your table,
but when you do you're glad I'm there.

I am a spoon because I hold everything inside of me.

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baked potato fork

I am a baked potato fork, today at least -often mis or little understood, but by few the perfect balance and just about rightness emerge as obvious.

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pickle fork

Pickle fork. I'm the one you turn to when you're in a pickle.

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I think I am a spoon

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cooking spoon

I would like to be the cooking spoon, that big one
That sees each of our sauces
And spends so little time in a drawer.

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Love That Lemon Fork

Yes, the lemon fork has a steady base but also offers a multitude of directions for the prongs. That's me in a nutshell. Oh, maybe I should have picked the nutcracker.

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a wooden spoon

I just received 2 carved wooden spoons from my friend.

"A handmade engagement gift," she said,"To feed each other with."

"To feed each other with," I said to my love as we stood in the dark of my bedroom last night.

His eyes grew wide with delight as we held the spoons up to each others' mouths.

I released air rich with love and laughter and sweetness into his mouth.

He released air full of kindness and companionship and ease into mine.

I am a… Continue

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Cocktails anyone?

I am definitely a cocktail fork. A proper cocktail has several essential benefits. It contains many of the critical food groups: grain, fruit, water (is that a food group? It's a good thing, I know that). And I am a very health-conscious person. Cocktails are very social - throw a few into the mix and you've got a lively party. I love a good party. They can turn an introvert into a crazy dancer (hello??!!!). Plus a cocktail makes you feel good. I subscribe to: if it feels good, do it. I'm not… Continue

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Traditional Russian Painted Wooden Spoon

I am most definitely a decorative wooden spoon as found in most Russian households. For those of you who have never seen one before, they are of various size and assortments but are always made of wood and usually hand painted. The vast majority of people overlook this utensil. They see it as unnecessary as it has no use, nor is it very attractive. However, to the discriminating eye, this is a brilliant piece of beautiful artwork. It is also quite wonderful for sipping hot tea or soup as unlike… Continue

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Slotted spoon, silverware underdog

I'm a slotted spoon. At first glance, you go, wait, slots on a spoon? Stuff falls through! (That's true. I can't deny that. Lots of stuff falls through.) That's why slotted spoons are undoubtedly the underdogs of the spoon family. But sometimes they come from behind. Sometimes you could really use a slotted spoon.

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coke spoon

I am a coke spoon...

(or I was when I was twenty...).

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